Planning Permission

All your requirements to gain formal permission from you local authority for the erection or alteration of buildings or similar development. A complete package for all your Building Regulation Requirements.

Not all project require Planning Permission. In certain circumstances, the building works will not require planning permission if it meets Government and Local Authority guidelines which falls under Permitted Development based on size, location and design.

However, if the building doesn’t meet the Permitted Development requirements, the first step in the building process is gaining the right Planning Permission from your Local Planning Authority.

Here, at Statim Build, we offer a complete package with a fixed price that will simplify the process and keep it hassle free for you. The package will include everything required to get planning consent.

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Included In Our FIXED PRICE:

Site Visit – Including Weekend VisitsMeasured Site Survey

Existing Floor Plans and Elevations scaled at 1:100 on A3 Paper

Unlimited Changes to Layouts During Development of the Proposed Layouts

Proposed Floor Plans and Elevations scaled at 1:100 on A3 Paper

Site Map at 1:1250

Site Block Plans at 1:200

Apply on your behalf

Acting as your Planning Agent

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For the fixed fee we will provide a complete service to gain planning permission.

Our Planning Drawings are suitable for the purposes of obtaining Full Planning Permission, a Certificate of Lawful Development for Permitted Development projects and can be used for the Neighbour Notification Scheme for Larger Home Extensions.

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Stage 1 – The site survey:

For our fixed fee we will visit you at your property to discuss your requirements and will also measure your property. We do not usually require up front payment for our services and there will be no fees to pay on the day of the survey.

Stage 2 – Production of Existing Drawings and Collection of Fees:

In the days following our survey we will create your Existing Floor Plans and Elevations drawings. When these drawings are ready we will send them to you by email for review, at this point we issue your invoice for the Planning Drawings Fees to be paid.

Stage 3 – Development of the Proposed Layouts

Once we are in receipt of your fees we will quickly move on to develop your Proposed Floor Plans and Elevations. The first Draft copies of the plans would usually be emailed to you. The Draft drawings will be based on the discussions we will have during our site visit and will be a good starting point from which your scheme will be developed to suit your requirements.

The scheme will be modified as many times as necessary in order to progress your project to its final layout. We will offer advice and ideas for your scheme but the final layouts will be tuned to your preferences.


Stage 4 – Submission to Planning

When you agree that the development of your scheme is complete we will submit your planning drawings for Planning Permission (if required) and act as your planning agent – any fees for planning permission shall be payable directly to your local planning department and are not included in our fixed fee.

We will deal directly with your planners and work to get your planning permission in place. If the planners require minor alterations or tweaks to the scheme, we will make changes without fee. If the planners require substantial alterations to a scheme we will let you know and discuss ways to progress, there may additional fees for the extra work but these will be reasonable and confirmed with you in writing before proceeding.

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Stage 5 – Completion of the Planning Phase of your project:

Once your Planning Permission is agreed, or your permitted development scheme is agreed as being to your satisfaction, we will be ready to progress to the production of your Building Regulations Package. Not every customer requires Building Regulations Drawings, but if you do we will proceed to upgrade the Planning Drawings to a technical Building Regulations Package which can be used by your builders to provide a detailed quotation and your local Building Control to check your plans are compliant.


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[rs_pricing_list header=”Development Type”][rs_pricing_list_item item=”New Build ” price=”£2450″][rs_pricing_list_item item=”Two Storey extension” price=”£995″][rs_pricing_list_item item=”Single Storey extension ” price=”£885″][rs_pricing_list_item item=”Loft Conversion ” price=”£790″][rs_pricing_list_item item=”Other ” description=”outbuildings, gates, fences and etc” price=”£625″][rs_pricing_list_item item=”Permitted Development ” description=”Certificate of Lawful Development” price=”£600″][/rs_pricing_list]

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for any other planning request or a combination. Please contact us