Construction Company Harrow

Harrow is a fast growing area and due to that there has been a rise of many building companies that promise a lot but very vaguely and are than unable to keep those promises, we at Statim build make sure to stay away from that and be invisible through the things we commit. There are many things that are to be noted during a construction and one of those is the city that the construction work is provided for and what are the regulations regarding construction work in that area and our construction company in Harrow is keen on the intake and makes sure to stay up to date on the council laws. This is important because there is no construction work that can be carried out before consulting the council and getting your plan approved by them for the construction work. This is one of the important things to note because many people mess this up and do not fill the construction forms right for the planning permissions and that can make the process tedious and long.

We at Statim builds familiarise ourselves with the right regulations and laws that are aimed towards the planning permissions of the construction work; this means we help you through the process of filing for planning permissions by consulting you on how to fill the permission form that is provided by the council. Where other than the basic questions such as how the space will be utilized? Who it will be wired by?  Were exactly will the building take place? Are there any trees near the site? All of these questions are the trick of our trade and we make sure to let you know how to fill them without too much trouble and problems unlike most construction companies in Harrow. There are many companies who are often not familiar with the process of planning permissions and can actually cause long term damage, because if you pass through the council unnoticed with false information, you can either get jailed when caught or even get an extremely hefty fine hence it’s important to have the right permission.

Statim build is the construction company in Harrow that can take you through the steps of building with the right regulations to follow and the right rules that will make your construction experience much less hectic than it might have been otherwise, not only that we also provide you with many other services that take the pressure off your shoulders such as general maintenance, detailed planning of the construction work by our highly qualified architects as well as the consulted on by the best building consultants to make sure everything is completely hazard free and fully optimal, not to mention, completely according to how you want it to be, the only plans that are redone are the ones objected by the council and need to be modified according to the needed changes, otherwise we make sure to follow your instructions, professionally to the core.