Building company in Hounslow

There is a high demand for construction in Hounslow and the number of Construction companies is dwindling, this has lead for many people to trust the wrong contractors and have their house or business turned into a mess that needs constant repair and construction, or they have to trust companies that are overly priced even for the quality of work they provide. This is why Statim builds is the perfect building company in Hounslow with our approachable as well as reasonable price range and the best quality of work as well as the attention to details. This is extremely important to us as a company that we satisfy our customers in all ways, giving them the best and most profitable experience. Statim builds is thorough and we make sure to give you high quality work for a competitive price range as well as in the domain you need. We try our best to make your building needs come true with the right processes and most importantly, safety of your family and yourself in mind.

Statim builds also takes pride in the services they provide to the people as one of the most approachable and reasonable building companies of Hounslow. We provide you with many different services that you may require in the safety and integrity of your structural needs. Our company makes sure to get everything build according to the construction plans and the council’s approval so that you do not have any problems with the design in the long run or in the long term process.

Our Services:

General Maintenance – We not only build the house of your dreams but if you need any maintenance in your home or have any problems that you wish to have fixed, we at Statim build make sure to provide that to you, from wiring and electricity to plumbing and any sort of problems that may cause your structure to become unstable or damaged, we are here to help you fix it all right up!

Construction work – Statim builds is proud of the building services provided as we give our clients more than just construction of buildings and homes, we also offer our services for Loft renovation, property extension, home extension, commercial buildings as well as all other types of structures approved by the council. You demand it, we do it.

Planning permissions – We at statim builds make sure to give you the most comfortable building experience hence we provide you with the ability to let us deal with the planning permissions from the council and in helping your plan get approved for construction or even repeal of a new construction plan that is not approved.

As building company in Hounslow, Statim Builds is only there with the aim to make your building experience a lot more comfortable and easy to go through with everything legally accounted for without you having to worry much at all. We make sure to provide you with all the right information for the right situation, so that you are always prepared.