Property Extension

If you have a property with areas that you would like to utilise or extend your accessible space to, there is always the choice of Property extension. A property extension is extremely beneficial and can add to the value of the property as it is basically built and refined property and we at statim build make sure to give you the best possible services for your property extension. There are many types of Extensions and there are numerous rules that need to be follower and need to be looked through. The first obstacle is the design of the Extension as many different styles and things require council approval and we make sure to look deeply through this process to make sure to save you from any fines later on.

Our Building consultants go through the design and see if it matches the council’s needs or if it even needs approval in the first place, hence saving you unnecessary hassle and a useless trip to the council for approval. On the other hand many things do need approval as property extension that stretch outside the limit or are too close to the property boundary or even are above the height limit that is allowed for extensions are required to go through the councils hands and they need full approval. There is also the difference of requirements that comes with areas, the work statim build does on Property extension in Oxford has its own set of rules and construction regulations as well as own council approvals, while Property Extension in Fulham has different type of needs and needs its own approval and this is why our consultants are important as they discuss the matter of the extension with the parties that can help and have the proper knowledge about the laws and the construction rules in the county or the city.

Statim build is one of the top building constructors as we give you the best experience and the best consultation as well as the building plans where we like to keep the home owner up to date with everything that needs to be done or anything that may need to be changed according to the council needs. There are other factors that we like to keep a look out for that revolves around the fact that the building process needs to heavily be guarded and precise as there are many wiring lines, plumbing and insulation that maybe harmed if not kept in constant check. If there is a pipe leak it can cause a lot of problems for you and the repairs can go through the roof, that is why the plans need to be read carefully to see where everything is located and where the extension needs to be without harming anything that maybe in the way. Statim Build is there to help you through the building experience and through the important bits that are related to the property extensions that you may miss, we make sure to help you keep them in check.