Loft Conversion

We all know that a Loft is one of the best additions you can make to your house, it is not only great for the aesthetic value but also actual value of a house, it can add about 20% to a houses value but of course it’s best to have a consultation on if you home should have a loft. Many home owners do not know how to calculate the cost for value of a loft and our company does that for you, we make sure to calculate how much you add in value to the house or if it will be a loss financially. You have to add the cost of everything that is needed for the addition of a loft which varies place to place, such as a Loft conversion in Oxford would be different than a loft conversion in Edgware, both places can have different regulation, costs of material and many other variables can occur, hence a consultation from our team is mandatory.

A loft conversion has many steps, all of them need to be followed precisely and each and every one of them as they are important and can make a world of difference in your loft experience. The first thing would be to start with the strengthening of the lofts structural build, for this is it important to see what type of structure your home needs and what exactly needs to be added so that it can support itself for the modification. does a thorough check of the whole area and checks to see if your home can withstand the structural change, second step is to check for insulation, plumbing, exhausts, windows and flooring. All of this needs to be done properly, if the insulation isn’t done right it can cause the loft to become extremely cold or warm depending on the weather, the windows are needed to get some sunlight into the home and the plumbing is important if you wish to have an en suite. Remember the more you invest the more you make but remember to check the cost and value of everything. makes sure to provide you with the needed information as well as proper plans that need to be followed for the loft conversion and all the legal measures that need to be taken if any. This is important because we wish to have a secure construction and create a good atmosphere for you. We provide you with construction work for loft conversion in Oxford and loft conversion in Edgware for a great cost and completely secure working with an amazing attention to details, we make sure to keep you with us each step of the way and to have the best experience as you watch your attic transform into the best place inside your house, a place you love and wish to spend time it, not to mention one of the best investments that can be made for home construction. It can add a lot of value to the home if you can actually calculate it correctly and calculate all the additions into the cost of building and decorations.