Home Extension

There are many things that need to be kept in check and balance when doing a Home extension as the process is not as easy as it sounds, it is important to have Statim Build do a tour of the home and consult on what you need, as this maybe the crucial point where you find out if you can actually have an home extension that will be perfect without ruining your home or making it become weak at the foundation, it is also important to know if you home can handle an extension, home extension planning in north London is an example of this situation as extensions in North London need to be checked properly due to the fact that the weather is a little turbulent and the extension needs to be approved by the council to see if it can actually withstand the laws as well as the external factors of North London.

Each county or City has its own council and rules and that is why it is important to know that the construction you need done is according to the area laws as Home extension in Oxford would have different laws then the Home extension in Reading. There would be different plans that would need to be submitted and the council will check if it actually interferes with anyone else’s personal property or if it is unfit for your home before approving the construction plans. Statim Build walks you through the process of this home extension planning, submission, advice and consultation on what needs to be added and how. We make sure to keep up to date with the laws and we also keep in touch with consultants who look throughout work for any reason that the architect might miss it.  The important part however is to see what type of extension you wish to add and what you need as the whole outlook of the house to be. This can be very meticulous and can take a long time.

Statim build makes sure to look through the plans carefully and see if the plans match the area and if they suit your home, if you would be better off with an open extension or a closed one. This is why home extensions are hard work and need to be kept in check as even a small mistake can cause everything to tumble or even worse crash and bring down the rest of the home. Statim builds however follows all precautions needed for a Home Extension in Oxford as well as a home extension in Reading. We make sure to provide you with the peace of mind that you may need without the usual hassle a home extension contractor goes through. We also look through your homes wiring, plumbing and insulation to see there is no damage or any leaks that may occur through construction to be safe and to stay in check of all the places that may cause a potential problem during the building process.