Detailed Design

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Statim Build will be able to do all the works required in order to receive Certificate of Compliance for Building Regulations prior to commencement of construction. Building Regulations, Detailed Design Drawings, Structural Calculations, we do it all.


Whether you need structural calculations for a beam or complete detailed design for building regulation Statim Build can provide you with the right support.
Building regulations are a set of standards for design and construction that apply to alterations of existing buildings and most new builds. The standards are very in depth and include consideration of materials and workmanship requirements, structural matters, fire safety, sound insulation, energy conservation and access to and use of buildings. You can download the full documents for free at

Building regulations drawings are more detailed than planning drawings due to the level of information required to explain how things are constructed. This can make them more difficult to understand if you are not used to reading drawings. A good set of building regulation plans should have a high level of detail & include detailed construction notes to explain the proposed construction methods of your project. This extra detail can make it easier to price a job more accurately so more accurate estimates can be obtained from a good set of building regs plans.

Here, at Statim Build, we offer a complete package with a fixed price that will simplify the process and keep it hassle free for you. The package will include everything required to get planning consent.

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Initial design visits

Fully measured site surveys

CAD survey drawings

Building Regulation Drawings

Building Regulation Specifications

Structural Calculations size dependant. foundations, walls, columns, beams and roof to ensure its stability.

Unlimited Changes to drawings

Application submission to building control

Apply on your behalf

Acting as your Planning Agent and liaison with building control

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for any other planning request or a combination. Please contact us

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