Building services in Richmond

Statim builds is one of the most trusted building services in Richmond, providing everyone with the best possible services according to the means. We strive to surprise you with the results of when you see your vision come to life, giving you some of the fastest and most detailed version of what you want. We also strive to make sure your building is completely according to the command of the Richmond upon Thames council to make sure everything is in accordance to the regulations and this is extremely important in Richmond upon Thames because many people actually do not know how to go about construction work legally. There are two things you can do to obtain permission to build and that is why, it is also important to be familiar with the building process and the council work to know which one to apply for. Many people in Richmond upon Thames tend to believe in Building Notice instead of Planning permissions, the difference is of quality of the check, people believe that a building notice is cheaper and easier to follow but that is untrue.

A building notice is basically what the name says, it’s a notice to the council for the building process, which is done without a thorough check and after the building is done it is then checked to see if the regulations are followed. This is important to note because this means you have to finish the building exactly according to the rules of the council without fail but also without councils consultation, which can make things extremely hard as the construction regulations change way too frequently for anyone to keep up. On the other hand, Planning permission is more thorough and is used to pitch the plan to the council and the council can tell you before the building work start if it is okay or not and as a Building service in Richmond we at Statim build are in favour of Planning Permissions as they are more secure.

We not only help you through the planning permissions we also make sure to give you the building services in Richmond that you deserve, we provide you with excellent workers with high professional experience to make sure everything goes well, not only that but also give you additional services like architectural planning of the structure in true details, we make sure that everything is included in the detailed plan from the wiring to the ventilation as well insulation to keep your new structure protected and highly usable. We provide you our building services not only for building homes and commercial buildings but also with home as well as property extensions not to mention Loft renovation. Our company is there to make sure that your building or home comes to life in the best way possible without any legal issues or without any problems with the general structure. Statim build makes sure to create the structure with maximum optimization and enhancements.