Builders in London

Specialist in application planning, building regulations and construction work. We, at Statim Build, cover all phases of construction, from designing to delivery.

Our knowledge and experience will ensure that your construction project has the support you need to get all the major building permits. Provide accurate, impartial and cost-effective planning advice to keep your planning application running smoothly in the often complex planning process.

Statim Build is a team of professionals who can provide you the professional and reliable builders. Whatever you have planned, you can be sure that our expert Builders in London will realize your dreams in perfect and detailed ways!

At, Statim Build, we offer our clients a wide range of services to improve your home in London and the surrounding area, taking into account all your needs and capabilities of the building. Your project will be handled by leading engineers, architects and designers who will turn your home into an elegant, harmonious and comfortable place.

Once a building permit has been issued by a local building authority, Statim Build will carry out all the work required to obtain building Certificate of Compliance before commencing construction. The proposed compliance service includes all aspects: dimensional assessment, detailed project plans, application submission, and written confirmation by the licensed building inspector.

Customer satisfaction is our priority. The profile of Statim Build’s company has been enriched by diligent and highly qualified professionals who always do their best to achieve excellence in their work. That’s why Statim Build is an established and reliable construction company with many years of experience.

We have a team of experienced engineers, specialists and builders with state-of-the-art construction equipment to ensure timely completion of projects. Our range of services covers the entire spectrum, from design to drawing, including approval from city administration, construction and delivery. We adhere strictly to building standards and specifications.

Whether it is new construction, Planning Applications, Building Regulations and Construction Works or loft, extension, remodeling or renovation; our project manager will work closely with you throughout the project, from initial consultation to complete delivery. Most of our work is done through repeated business and word of mouth recommendations.

We offer cost-effective solutions and are proud of the quality of work and communication with our unprecedented clients.

We hope to meet you and help you with any construction requirements. At Statim Build, we represent the excellence of our work and offer our clients individual attention tailored to their specific needs. If you are looking for professional building management services, contact us!