Builder in Oxford

We, at Statim Build, have gained an excellent reputation as a reliable and trustworthy company and are proud to offer our customers a friendly service. With over years of experience, we are an established company with the knowledge and skills to provide you with excellent building service.

Specialist in application planning, building regulations and construction work. Our services cover all phases of the construction process, from concept to delivery. Statim Build manages the process from start to finish, cares for site survey and internal design work, compliance with current building regulations, and management of all communications with local authorities in your area.

Our knowledge and skills ensure that your construction project receives the necessary support to obtain the necessary building permits. Providing accurate, impartial and cost-effective professional planning advice so that the planning application gets a smooth journey in often complex planning process.

Once the planning authority has granted a building permit, Statim Build can perform any work required to obtain a Certificate of Compliance for Building Regulations before starting work.

Statim Build will also be able to create a competitive construction offer. This includes a breakdown of the required work in a simple format, easy to understand, and a program throughout the work. Our craftsmen are carefully selected and offer the best standards. Our construction management team will ensure that the construction is carried out by budget, schedule and quality requirements.

Our unique promise to our customers is that we will never leave a project that we start except for major delays or incidents for which we have no control. We understand that you want your project to be completed as quickly as possible without being frustrated. Our dedicated project managers and our team with experienced and competent professionals ensure that your project runs smoothly.

Like any Builder in Oxford, we build our good reputation in our constant commitment to our customers and in delivering a complete package, no matter what type of construction or renovation work it requires. Our company sets high performance targets, even by our own standards, and respects NHBC parameters when working on new buildings.

Your home or business just deserves the best. As domestic and commercial builders Oxford, we, at Statim Build, offer a wide range of services from planning Applications, Building Regulations and Construction Works to gain the all-important planning permission; providing accurate, impartial and cost-effective professional planning services. Our building company is proud to build solid relationships with its customers, allowing you to fully trust the people who work on your property.

Our construction company craftsmen, fully qualified and working in time, are kind and available for a thorough discussion of your specific needs before they offer you a free quote for each project. Check out our gallery for evidence of our high working standards.